Pepper is "The World’s Largest Deal Community", and the biggest social commerce site on the planet.



During my last months at Six Minutes Media I was involved in the Pepper project. My duties included product definition, naming, branding, and UX/UI design in early stages of the project. 



The final version of the logo is directly related to the Six Minutes Media logo, sharing the same base shapes and rounded stroke treatment while adding the "dot" as an implicit reference to the degree (temperature) symbol, creating a visual language that can be applied to other elements, the rich color scheme opens the door to different applications.



The responsive nature of the product, coupled with the possibility of different listing options (cards and list items, which could or could not coexist) called for the use of a flexible grid system in which to build a dynamic system where the sizes of different elements are flexible and inter-related.

This approach also facilitates the future design of other elements to be added to the system, such as sidebars or banners (horizontal or vertical).

The "atomic" approach is also applied to the menu bar items, making them easier to adapt to different screen resolutions and devices.